5 most common habits of UNSUCCESSFUL people to avoid

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

Rather than adding another article to the long archive of guides preaching on ‘how you should live & act to succeed’.

In this article, I want to convey the five most common habits of unsuccessful people, in anticipation that if you are also facing a similar, you can use these as a guide to trace your steps and avoid falling into these traps.

  1. Having low self-confidence
    ‘Seeking approval from external influencers for finding happiness’ is one of the most common indicators of having low self-confidence. And although it’s not a mental health problem per se, they are closely related.
  2. Spending time with the wrong people
    We are social animal & as commonly said — “We people feed off each other’s energy”. It is essential to evaluate the exposure of those with whom we surround ourselves, as they are destined to bring out the best or the worst in us.
  3. Always focusing on the negative
    Is the glass is always half-empty? Having a bad day is all right — everyone gets irritable from time to time, but if we still hate everything, chances are it’s time to change our perspective.
  4. Not listening to others
    As bright as we can be, there will always be a brighter bulb in the room — that’s the universal truth. And not being receptive to feedback or focusing on the imposition of thoughts on others can lead to a breakdown in your relationships.
  5. Relying on violence as a companion
    Frequent retreats to violence or head-first plunges in all situations often lead to a trainwreck in its wake. And in this digital age, it is often superseded by a daily marathon of arguments on Twitter to channel your energy.

If you notice there’s a pattern to all of these behaviours. You can see how the thoughts, motivations and attention of people who fail turn to themselves, rather than to the outside, by focusing on others, organisation, business and growth.



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Sagar Bhatnagar

Sagar Bhatnagar

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